The above link will direct you to my contact page where you can call or email to arrange your free phone consultation.  This phone discussion will address how EFT can benefit you personally and how we can work together to accomplish your goals.

EFT is helpful with a wide variety of things, because it helps us to calm the body and mind as we address difficult or harmful emotions and unprocessed experiences held in our subconscious for the purpose of protecting us.


A partial list of conditions or situations for which I have found EFT to be helpful:



Anxiety (general or specific)





Grief and Loss


Pain and physical discomfort

Resistance to Healing

Difficulty falling or staying asleep

Feelings of Powerlessness

Letting go of clutter

Limiting beliefs

Unhealthy emotional patterns

Unprocessed experiences—including forgotten early childhood events

End of life emotions, fears

Children’s experiences with bullying or other upsetting events

Individuals with disabilities—Simple procedures to help with calming

Relationship difficulties 


Adults often prefer to meet with me individually for private sessions, because the work is very personal.  If you wish to have someone else there, that can be good too. 

When working with children I will agree with you whether it is best to work with the child with the parent in attendance or alone.  Most times, very young children benefit from having the parent in the room.  This also may apply  to your family members with disabilities, and individuals who are hospitalized or on hospice, etc.  EFT can definitely be a benefit to families, and some things can be done in a family group.


Contact me for information about teaching sessions for groups.  


I have a limited number of sliding fee scale openings for individuals needing reduced prices.


Please note:  I am not a licensed medical professional.  I am a certified EFT Practitioner.  I do not diagnose or treat diseases or medical problems.  If issues come up that I am not qualified to work on I will do my best to encourage you to seek medical care appropriate for you.

Private EFT sessions can be done in person or over the phone.  Many people like meeting in person for the first session, but if that is not convenient, we definitely can begin work on the phone.  I am willing to discuss meeting you at your location in the Salt Lake area for the first session if that is needed because of special circumstances.  I provide EFT coaching services from my home office in Grantsville, Utah, and I provide phone sessions to clients all over the USA. Let’s discuss your needs.

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