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EFT has been a gift in my life, and I’m here to share that gift with you.  Whether you would like to learn the basics to deal with stress and fears of the moment or whether you would like coaching to improve your life and health by releasing unhealthy stuck emotions (such as fears, phobias, shame or feelings of powerlessness) or unhealthy beliefs(such as “I’m not good enough”, “I’ll only be loved if I’m perfect.” Or “I’m too damaged to heal from this illness.”),


Jennie Gibson

I can help.  Such unhealthy emotions and beliefs are caused or supported by unprocessed experiences held in your subconscious mind or your body for the purpose of protecting you.  When we process them with EFT, they can be released giving you the freedom to live life in a more healthy peaceful and joyful way.  I also love teaching EFT for use in relationships and with your family.  I believe young children should learn to use EFT to release their stressful experiences and emotions so they won’t be burdened and limited by them as they grow up. EFT is great for children who have been bullied or had other adverse experiences, and I am very interested in teaching EFT for individuals with disabilities who often feel stress and need a way to deal with it.  EFT can also be very helpful for family members who are ill or in the end phases of life.


I recently retired from working for many years in management of a nonprofit organization that provides parent to parent support and education for families of children with disabilities.  Prior to that I was an educator and also worked in human resources.  I also have worked for many years doing brain training with the PACE program.  In recent years I experienced some health problems, which I now realize were brought on by the combination of many things including stressors in my life along with some unresolved adverse life experiences.  I was experiencing anxiety, and in my search for relief I found EFT.  I knew immediately on the first try that EFT worked!  I was so excited to find something that was not a medication and that was easy to do!  It has helped me with much more than that initial concern.  There was no going back; I had to become certified.  I also experienced the benefit of being coached by an excellent EFT practitioner and learned how valuable it can be to have coaching from a trained practitioner.  I now have a physical feeling of peace that I had never experienced.  Calming my system along with good medical care from doctors and functional medicine practitioners has enabled me to heal from some other conditions and to manage everything in my life better.  I find that EFT fits well into my LDS/Christian paradigm, as it does with many other belief systems. I am excited to be able to do this work at a caring and relaxed pace and offer the benefit of my life experience. I have found that a sustained effort with EFT brings even more benefit.


I work from Grantsville Utah and also provide phone sessions to your location in the USA.  I want to help, so feel free to ask about my sliding fee scale based on your ability to pay.  Call or email me to arrange a free phone discussion about how EFT can help you and how we can work together.


Please Note:  I am not a licensed medical professional.  I am a certified EFT practitioner.  I do not diagnose or treat diseases or medical problems. If issues come up that I am not qualified to work on, I will do my best to encourage you to seek medical care appropriate for you.  EFT works well as a complement to  medical treatment.  EFT should not be used to replace needed medical care.

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