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  • How many sessions are required?
    The number of sessions needed will vary by individual. If you are new to EFT, one session can teach you some basics and you can start work on an issue. For most problems, the best results are obtained by sustained use of EFT. The coaching of an experienced practitioner can help you to quickly uncover the core issues that you most need to work on and guide you gently through the process if you have traumas to release. Ultimately it is up to you to decide how many sessions you need or want.
  • Where are sessions held? Can sessions be in my home?
    Yes! You can work with me over the phone from the comfort of your home. I provide sessions from my home office in Grantsville, Utah. It is always nice but not required to do the first session in person. On some occasions where needed, I can meet you at another location, for example in a hospital or nursing home that is within a reasonable distance for me.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    1. Email me or call me to make an appointment and arrange how we will meet. 2. I will email you an informed consent form, which must be signed and returned by email or snail mail. 3. I will send you a client intake form which also needs to be returned.
  • Will EFT relieve my stress?
    Yes! When you feel the most stress is when EFT will be a huge benefit. I can even teach you ways to use it in public without anyone knowing.
  • How long will it take for me to start feeling the effects?
    You will feel effects with the very first session. Some people completely resolve a problem in one session. More often, sustained use of EFT gets the best results.
  • Does EFT work well in conjuction with medical treatment?
    I encourage you to let your medical practitioners know what you are doing. I believe that if you find the right treatment, you can heal from many conditions. I have had some wonderful experiences myself, even as an older person, so as a result I am anxious to share different things I have found helpful—Things I never knew were out there. I will be adding various links on my blog and resources section as we go along, so check back. These resources are offered for educational and exploratory purposes only and not as specific recommendations for you. Please work with your health care practitioners to determine the best approaches for you.
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